About This Site

If you have visited this site expecting it to be the website of any of the companies listed below then you are in the wrong place.

Osage 1 Ltd;

Phenco Ltd;

Sooner-Energy SPV-1 Ltd;

Kansas MB Project Ltd;

Kansas B2 Project Ltd;

Tristone Holdings Ltd.

This website is an information site for investors and shareholders in those companies. Our aim is to publish the truth about these investments through updates posted on the blog page and to expose the deceptions, the false statements, the material omissions and the offences committed by the companies and people involved. Ultimately we help investors to recover their investments.

If you were seeking the websites owned by the companies listed above you should navigate way. For more information on our work please visit our website at Safe Or Scam

Safe Or Scam LLC – How We Support Investors

Safe Or Scam is headquartered in the USA with investigators in many countries. We act on behalf of concerned investors. We review investment products and advise on recovery options. In serious cases we work with legal teams to investigate all aspects of an investment with the aim of prosecuting the people involved and recovering investments

We challenge developers, project owners, sales agents and third parties involved in a project to justify the claims made in correspondence and promotional material.

We are currently representing a number of investors who invested in five oil companies operated by the same people – Osage 1 Ltd, Phenco Ltd, Sooner Energy SPV-1 Ltd, Kansas MB Project Ltd and Kansas B2 Project Ltd – and are seeking to be refunded on the grounds that they were misled into making their investments.

The response by Martin Finch to our polite letter was to write to all shareholders to describe Safe Or Scam as a recovery room scam and a parasite. As we will prove via the blogs on this site he should know all about recovery room scams.

This website is an information site to keep investors and shareholders updated on progress with the Safe Or Scam recovery actions relating to these companies. The updates will be reported on our BLOG page.

In February 2019 we added Tristone Holdings Ltd to the site. This is the latest investment involving several of the same people, namely Glenn King, George Henry Berry, Rick Coody and others.

For more information on our work please visit our website at Safe Or Scam


On paper, Martin John Finch is the sole director of five UK limited companies which partnered with US companies to drill and manage oil wells.

Each company has only one person who is allowed to vote on shareholder issues and that is Martin Finch.

The Investment

At least five companies raised a total in excess of £14 million from investors (details to follow).

Investment funds were raised by predominantly unregulated sales agents on high commissions. Investors purchased non-voting shares.

Initial Concerns

The hidden involvement of Glenn Jamie King and David Hyman.

The use of a payment service involved in a fraud.

Cashflow/liquidity; non-transparency; accounts not provided to shareholders; US partner conviction; and more.

The Aim of This Website

This website has been established to inform shareholders and the general public of issues which may have a bearing on their investment decisions.

It may also help existing shareholders determine whether or not they were given full disclosure at the time they made their investment. On our clients’ behalf, Safe Or Scam wrote a letter to Martin Finch on 3rd July 2018 requesting the return of their investment money. We gave him the reasons why they should be refunded.

Each client is a shareholder in one or more of these oil companies and they have used Safe Or Scam on other recovery actions (some of which are still ongoing and involve a UK law firm introduced by SOS). They know we are neither a recovery room scam nor parasites. They also know that we will not give up until they are happy with the outcome.

Our investigation into these oil companies revealed that things are not as they are portrayed by Martin Finch. His letters to shareholders contain falsehoods which we shall point out in the blogs on this website.