Chainbox Technology

Chainbox Technology is an accountancy firm being used by Kansas B2 Project Ltd, Kansas MB Project Ltd, Sooner Energy SPV-1 Ltd, Osage 1 Ltd and Phenco Ltd to make alleged royalty payments to investors. It is part of a portfolio of firms owned by the Spurling family. They also own Spurlings Accountants Ltd.

However, in the case of Osage 1, Phenco and Sooner Energy shareholders, no payments have been made for nine months. The excuse given to shareholders in all three companies is that Martin Finch, the false director acting under the instructions of Glenn King and David Hyman, has been unable to find “a platform” to be able to make the payments. This is very interesting because Kansas B2 Project Ltd and Kansas MB Project Ltd shareholders received their payments in January this year ! They were paid by Chainbox Technology Ltd – the company with just one director, Terry Frank Joel Spurling, aged 81.

So how is it possible for shareholders in the two companies which allegedly have oil operations in Kansas to be paid, yet shareholders in the other three companies haven’t been paid ?

Could it be that Osage 1, Phenco and Sooner Energy all have alleged oil operations in Oklahoma ? Is it possible that the State of Oklahoma has frozen accounts whilst it carries out an investigation ? We already know there is an active Police investigation in the UK and a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation in the USA. Maybe they have moved into a new phase. Perhaps the Kansas companies are not subject to the same restrictions at the moment.

As mentioned in a previous blog post Glenn King, David Hyman and Henry George Berry are raising money for a new oil venture called Tristone Holdings. We expect some of that money to be siphoned off in the direction of Osage 1, Phenco and Sooner Energy to pay shareholders because there is a lot of unrest amongst shareholder in those three companies. Of course, siphoning off money like that would be illegal but we doubt that would bother them too much.

Martin Finch is still claiming, nine months on, that it isn’t possible for a US company to transfer money to the UK. What a ridiculous statement. He is steadfastly refusing to provide any information on company performance to shareholders, including refusing to tell anyone in Osage 1, Phenco or Sooner Energy the total amount of royalties the various companies are owed or the amount that each individual shareholder is owed. He just says that payments are allegedly held in limbo by his fictional platform because of banking compliance.

If you have received a payment from Chainbox Technology or you would like to know whether they are the platform which is holding up your payments you can contact them at:

Chainbox Technology Ltd, Unit 9, 97-101 Peregrine Road, Hainault Business Park, Ilford, IG6 3XH.

Alternatively, give them a call at Spurlings Accountants. Their number is 02085 533071. If you would prefer to drop in they claim to be at 112b High Road, Ilford which has an entrance at the side of the building in Chadwick Road.

We would love to hear what they have to say about their involvement with Finch, King and Hyman.

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